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Our Team


Our team at Martin Insurance Agency understands the kind of hard work and dedication you have put into building your business. The Martin professionals are here to help youprotect that hard work. We are dedicated to focusing our energy and resources on designing a program of insurance specific to your business.

Our team is waiting to assist your team.

Gemelle Linzy
President – gemelle@martin-agency.com

Robert Saak
Vice President – robs@martin-agency.com

Shelly Saak
Vice President –  shelly@martin-agency.com

Joan Akin
Agent – joan@martin-agency.com

Josie Smith
Accounting – josie@martin-agency.com

Lenard Lewis
Accounting – lenny@martin-agency.com

Lynda D’Antoni
Data Manager – lynda@martin-agency.com

Dottie Crane
nursing homes – dottie@martin-agency.com

Elisha Hart
Claims – elisha@martin-agency.com

Greg Masson
Agent – greg@martin-agency.com

Dawn Meloncon
Assistant to Greg – dawn@martin-agency.com

David Miceli
Agent – davidm@martin-agency.com

Deloris Williams
Agent – deloris@martin-agency.com

Steve Farris
Agent – sfarris@martin-agency.com

Carol Theall
Agent – carol@martin-agency.com

Kim Incaprera
Slidell Assistant – kim@martin-agency.com

Personal Lines – personal.lines@martin-agency.com

Donielle Maher
CSR – donielle@martin-agency.com

Debbie Angle
Manager – debbie@martin-agency.com

Erica Burst
CSR – erica@martin-agency.com

Gwen Gibbs
data processor – gwen@martin-agency.com

Nicole Lacher
CSR – nicole@martin-agency.com

Pamela Routt
CSR – pam@martin-agency.com

P J Pendergrass
processor – pjp@martin-agency.com

Sherie Daigle
CSR – sherie@martin-agency.com

Stephanie Mattio
CSR – stephanie@martin-agency.com

Matthew Garvin
Assistant CSR – matthew@martin-agency.com

Commercial Lines

Hanna Haile
Manager – hanna@martin-agency.com

Tammy Caro
CSR – tammy@martin-agency.com

Daynelle Green
Assistant CSR – daynelle@martin-agency.com

Pamela Meariman
CSR – pamm@martin-agency.com

Vickie Barthel
CSR – vickie@martin-agency.com

Tamara Flock
Processor – tamara@martin-agency.com

Peggy Denley
Receptionist – peggy@martin-agency.com